Eco Friendly 

Avinew NeO

Packaging Life Cycle Assessment: From cradle to grave

Environmental savings thanks to NeO packaging

Climate Change -80%, Resources -70%, Water Withdrawel -70%


Compared to the existing packaging,
from cradle-to-grave for Avinew in France*:

Raw Materials

Raw materials production for the blister is 3 times less impacting
than for glass vials, on climate change.

Less Weight

Less Weight
7 times lighter packaging

Raw Materials

Reduced Waste
-90% impact on climate change

Raw Materials

Less impact from freight & distribution
-70% on climate change

Climate Change Contribution in France

Climate Change contribution per life cycle stage in France

(results for 1 box of AvinewTM NeO)

Environmental savings in Russia

Environmental savings in Russia

Results for 1 year of sold product throughout the packaging life cycle

Distribution optimization in Mexico

Distribution optimization in Mexico

Due to its high contribution on climate change in Mexico, the distribution stage drives the environmental savings

NeO Traceability

NeO Traceability

A fully European packaging 100% of suppliers are based in Europe

The methodology

Merial performed an environmental assessment comparing the existing packaging and NeO solution from cradle to grave thanks to LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) methodoligy.

Packaging Life Cycle
Three main environmental indicators assessed

Packaging life cycle assessment

Packaging Life Cycle Scope and Objectives

The study focused on the packaging life cycle assessment.

3 markets were chosen for the study, representing a diversity of markets and locations in the world


QuantisA study in partnership with a globally recognized expert in sustainability

Merial has commissioned independent consultants Quantis to produce the most comprehensive assessment possible of NeO new packaging solution. The completeness, consistency, accurracy and transparency were key elements of the study.

LCA (Life Style Assessment) is method standardized by the international Organization for standardization (ISO) 140-44. This study was not subject to external peer review. Limitations are available upon request.