Gallivac IB88 NeO

Gallivac IB88 NeO

Live vaccine against Infectious Bronchitis caused by a coronavirus variant, strain CR88121.

Active ingredient is the same as the one used for Gallivac IB88 vaccine in vials.

The manufacturing process varies only after the bulk production: the live attenuated Bronchitis virus is first freeze dried, then pressed into effervescent tablet before being packed in aluminum blisters.

Effervescent tablets for suspension for ocular administration and spraying.

Gallivac IB88 Neo vaccines is available in 2 presentations:
- 1 blister of 10 tablets of 1000 doses.
- 1 blister of 10 tablets of 2000 doses.

All tablets removed from blisters must be used immediately after reconstitution use within 2 hours.

For more information regarding indications, administration and special warnings, please click on the datasheet.

Available only where approved. Consult your Merial representative for information on use in your locality. Gallivac IB88 is a trademark of MERIAL SAS.