NeO-StabOne tablet can balance the negative chemical agents that are found in normal tap water or well water making it safe to mix with Merial live attenuated vaccines for poultry application.

The effervescent tablet stabilizes the vaccine solutions through a double-action process.

Chlorine neutralization:
Protect live vaccine titer from chlorine contained in tap water.

Buffer action:
Balance pH between 6.8 and 7.4; acidic pH enhances the action of chlorine. A neutral pH is favorable for the stability of vaccine solutions.

  • Available in boxes of 20 x 5g tablets
  • Dissolution: 5g tablet per 50l water
Primary application
  • Oral (drinking water)
  • Spray
Benefits of the effervescent properties
  • Automatic homogenization (no stirring is required)
  • Leaves no residue in the tank

Compare Neo Stab

Solution preparation pH Before addition of NeO stab pH After addition of NeO stab
(without pH adjustment)
5.80 7.04
Sol-1 5.50 7.06
Sol-2 6.00 6.96
Sol-3 6.50 7.13
Sol-4 7.50 7.05
Sol-5 8.00 7.10
Buffer Action

pH imbalance is one of the risks that can inactivate a live vaccine thus impacting its efficacy.

For optimum efficacy of the vaccine solution, Merial recommends the use of water with a pH between 6.8 and 7.4 with their vaccines.

The table shows that alkaline and acid pH levels are balanced around a neutral pH when the Neo stab is added.

Vaccine Traceability

Monitoring vaccine tracking is one of best practices to ensure proper vaccination.

The brilliant blue E133 dye solution added to the NeO stab tablet enables vaccination traceability. A faint blue color will be visible on the tongue after application via drinking water.

Production Performance

Neo stab tablets do not impact production performance:

  • The blue does not impact the birds' water consumption
  • Feed conversion ratios are not impacted
  • Livability remains unchanged.