Questions & Answers
on the NeO Range

Is there any difference regarding the vaccine's properties (efficacy / safety)?

Active ingredients (vaccine strains and concentrations – release titer) are strictly identical to those of the traditional vaccine. This bioequivalence was precisely required as a condition for NeO marketing authorization.

Is there any difference in immunity, or duration of immunity, between NeO vaccines and vial vaccines?

No. Since vial vaccines and tablet vaccines are bioequivalent, there is no difference.

Is there any difference regarding the shelf life?

NeO vaccines' shelf life and stability are at least equivalent to those of vial vaccines. Ongoing studies intend to demonstrate the increased stability of NeO vaccines.

Do we need to store the vaccines in a refrigerator?

Yes, NeO vaccines are live freeze-dried vaccines. Therefore, they must be stored in a refrigerator at 2-8°C.

What information can we find on each tablet?

The batch number and expiration date will be printed on each tablet / cachet shell.

Are the tablets dividable?

No, the tablets are not scored. Once removed from the blister package, the tablets are unstable and must be used immediately or discarded. You can't split a tablet and save the other half for later.

Do the tablets contain a chlorine neutralizer?

No. So therefore it is necessary to use a stabilizer such as sodium thiosulfate when using tap water or chlorinated water.

Can dye in the tablet be used to track the vaccine solution?

No. Dye is used to distinguish the vaccines but the color is not strong enough to stain tongues, making the vaccine distribution impossible to track. To track vaccination use Neo Stab: Dye/ Stabilizer for tape water.

Does each box contain a package insert?

Yes. Each box contains a package insert. We also have in parallel and on demand, illustrated instructions for use and video best practices regarding mixing & handling.

Is time after reconstitution longer?

No. Time allowed between reconstitution and use is the same as for vaccine vials: 2 hours.

Can it be associated with Hatchpak Avinew and/or other vaccines?

Avinew, Hatchpak Avinew and Avinew NeO vaccines all contain the same active ingredients, with the same concentrations (same release titers). The compatibility of the Avinew-VGGA strain with the IB strain H120 has been demonstrated.

Is there a recommended route of administration for Avinew NeO vaccines?

No, there is none. All following methods are adequate, depending on the vaccination program: intraocular (eye drops), oculonasal (using a sprayer), oral (drinking water).

How to safely dispose of the tablets packaging?

Carton boxes and package inserts are not in contact with the tablets. They can thus be recycled or disposed of in accordance with appropriate domestic waste regulations. Immediate packaging is in contact with the live vaccine and needs to be disposed of in accordance with medical waste management regulations, like any vial vaccine.

Do you intend to make 5 and 10 kds presentations?

Since opening the blisters makes the preparation easier (compared to bottles), we opted for 1 & 2 kds presentations only. These presentations offer a greater dosing flexibility.

What are the next vaccines to be released?

We should complement our effervescent lyophilized vaccines portfolio within 3 to 5 years. Our goal is to switch our entire production from vials to effervescent tablets. Since all files have not been submitted to authorities yet, we can't make any early announcement.

What is the amount of Merial investment?

The investment amounts to more than €15 million that include the creation of two dedicated production facilities in our LPA manufacturing site.